Disclaimer and data management regulation



SBH Images Kft. as the operator of the website www.glix.hu will do its all in order to have correct and true information on the website. Operator asserts its rights for changing the content of the website any time, without previous warning, however SBH Images Kft. does not take responsibility for the information provided on the website being up to date and actual at all times.

Operator publishes the content of the website without any condition or guarantee and free of charge providing access to the website this way.

Operator does not take any legal or other responsibility for deficit or damage which is the result of the usage of visitor or a third party. This section includes the fee of maintenance or repair and any other additional direct or indirect deficit at any rate.

Content on the website has copyright protection, trademark and legal protection related to other intellectual creation, and are provided with Civil Code protection and Criminal Law protection. Use of these contents are prohibited without the operator’s connivance and authorization, and in case of lack of separate contract by the operator or the legal owner of the content and without payment. Operator initiate a case against the concerned Exploiter without delay in case requirements determined in present section were not met.



In present data management regulation the following terms have the following meanings, accepting that terms used here match the system of terms based on the Act CXII. of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information (henceforth : Infotv.)


Data manager: SBH Images Limited Liability Corporation (2040 Budaörs, Baross köz 14.)


Person who provides his/her data by registering on the surface of www.glix.hu website, with the aim of usage of the photo agency belonging to the interest of Data Manager. The exact address of the website concerning data management: www.glix.hu

Consent Statement: Concerned, providing personal data, gives permission for data management by the rules of present deed without written permission by registering.

Data Manager handles the personal data of the Concerned by the present data management regulations and according to the Act CXII. of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information.

Concerned strictly gives permission by providing Consent Statement for Data Manager to handle his/her personal data according to present data management regulation. The aim of data management: data management for marketing’s sake, sending to the Concerned messages containing Data Manager’s offers, newsletters and EDMs on his/her contact details in relation with data management.


Argument of the data management: direct approval of the individuals involved hozzájárulása (Infotv. 5. § (1) section a) period).


Circle of data involved with data management: Personal data provided by Concerned (sure name, first name, e-mail address, phone number, address)


Data Manager shall ensure that every period of the data management complies with the aim of present deed, and that the inclusion and handling of data is legal and decent. Data Manager shall ensure that during handling data they are precise, complete and up-to-date, as well as the Concerned can be identified for the period necessary for data management.


Data Manager shall ensure that other no one else can cognize the data other than Data Manager except as laws provide otherwise, or Concerned gives permission. Data Manager takes responsibility for data not being forwarded by third party without previous authorization of Concerned.


Start date of data management is the date of providing Consent Statement, duration of the data management is the existence of the aim of it, which matches the period of the aim of communication. Personal data will be deleted automatically when aim of data management terminates, as well as when Considered request it.

Considered is entitled to require brief about the management of his/her personal data, furthermore Considered is entitled to request correction of his/her personal data and termination of management or usage of it. Considered can exercise this right free of charge by sending a statement to xxxxx e-mail address. In case of requesting Brief, Data Manager shall send written answer as soon as possible, but in no longer than 25 days. Answer sent to e-mail address of Considered is qualified as written answer. Considered is entitled to go to law in case of violation concerning the rights regarding to personal data.

Data manager has reported data management at Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, authority has registered as  NAIH-106792/2016 number.